JUDITH is one of those artists who have the talent to remind us that we are made of VETS and SENTIMENTS. His works are an ocean of vibrations, a heartbeat that splashes the canvas. 


For JUDITH, everything is drawing and music.

Nothing is written without the ink drawing the silhouette of the words. Nothing is said without the vowels of our soul vibrating in the depths of our soul. It was only natural that she went to study graphic arts and advertising at the Académie Charpentier in Paris, then at the Institut Supérieur de Art Decoration and Advertising Paris VIII.

JUDITH did not wish to pursue a career that would strengthen her in a single way in order to remain free of all currents. JUDITH does not seek to be part of an avant-garde movement or a demonstration that surpasses the codes of an artistic movement.

We do not need this to continually marvel at the “naïvely naïvely naïve” renewal of each of his works, as unique as the inspiration that gives the strength to dare to seek in oneself the other “me”.

The very ones that resonate deep within us with the intelligence of the purest feelings. The very ones that make one sometimes surpass ourselves without even realizing it, the spark of a thought, the brushing of a hand, or the vibration of a brushstroke.

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