Art prints

Museum-quality art print on real artist's canvas or on Plexiglass Premium.

Tirage sur Toile

Tirage sur Toile

Le tirage sur toile est réalisé avec encre epson pigmentaire ultrachrome, sur toile d’artiste 4cm.

Tirage Papier d’art

Tirage Papier d’art

Le tirage sur Papier d’art Hahnemühle satin 310g ou équivalent, provenant des plus grands fabricants de papiers fine art, et vous garantissant un rendu qualité musée.

Tirage d’art sur Plexiglass

Tirage d’art sur Plexiglass

Le tirage d’art sur Plexiglass est une impression directement sur Plexiglass Premium de 8 mm, arête polie en finition diamant.

Tirage Relief

Tirage Relief

Tirage d'art sur Toile ou Papier d'art avec un effet relief


Reproduction on Web or Plexiglass. Canvas signed individually by the artist. It is a museum quality print respecting the highest standards of reproduction of works of art. Each print, made to order, is subject to a full-size test strip and continuous control.

The print on Canvas is made with ultrachrome pigment epson ink, on 4cm artist's canvas.
The art print on Plexiglass is an impression directly on Plexiglass Premium of 8 mm, polished edge in diamond finish.

The best conditions and materials are used to ensure a museum quality print.  All our paintings are carefully packaged. Your work will be delivered with the suspension hooks, ready to be hung directly.


It usually takes 1 to 4 days to complete, depending on the laboratory schedule. We then proceed immediately to the shipment. You will receive an email that will allow you to track the delivery.

Would you like an express production and shipping? Contact us. My


paintings are made according to my free inspiration, but if feeling, I will be delighted to create an original work inspired by the elements you would like to tell me (patterns, colors, themes, dimensions…).

You can also see my original paintings and follow me on facebook:

Thank you for your interest and warm message


sContact us by stating to us:
1- the table you want
2- The format you want
3- Web or Plexiglass
4- Your delay. (Count 1 to 12 days depending on your country and our schedule, or ask us for an express delivery!)

TOILE: Printing on Museum Quality Canvas (the same canvas as those used for the original paintings, with a slight shiny satin effect for bright colors)

PLEXIGLASS: for an ultra design and brilliant art deco effect.

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